Chuka High School operated as an intermediate school for boys up to 1964 under the sponsorship of the Catholic Diocese of Meru. The secondary started in 1965 as a single stream. From 1968 it operated as a four-stream school. In 1980;s both science and Art based “A” level classes were initiated and in 2010, a fifth stream was acquired. The school is managed by a government-appointed Board of Governors(BOG) and has an active Parent Teachers Association(PTA).

Chuka high school has a well-established infrastructure and physical facilities. These include six dormitories, several departmental offices, four well-equipped labs, a library, an ICT center, twenty classrooms, a dining hall and kitchen, two stores, a health unit, farm structure, farmland, eighteen staff houses and a playground with fields for football, rugby, handball, athletics, basketball ,hockey etc.

The initial enrollment of chuka high school in 1965 had 35 students. However, owing to its strategic location, improved academic performance and physical facilities among other factors, the enrollment has significantly improved to an average 750 students for the last five years.


Chuka boys high school is located about 200 metres, from chuka town along Kaanwa road.It is in Chuka Township sub-location, Kiang’ondu Location of Tharaka Nithi County